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NEUROtables™ in German
  • NEUROtables™ in German

NEUROtables™ in German

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On 21 pages with over 60 detailed illustrations the NEUROtables™ reveal the human brain in various views and sectional layers. The anatomical structures of the individual illustrations are numbered and named on each page. The NEUROtables™ offer optimal support for neurological anatomy: for studies, exam preparations and even in the dissecting room (since they are washable). They are also an optimal supplement for the software products NEUROteacher™ and NEUROtrainer™. The NEUROtables are a great study aid, like flash cards. Studying the central nervous system and the anatomy of the human brain is made easy. The NEUROtables™ cover the following areas: 

  • Brain (overview)
  • Spinal medulla, brain stem, brain stem center & cerebellum
  • Diencephalon (overview & sections)
  • Cerebrum (cerebral cortex, limbic system and basal ganglia)
  • Cerebral nerves (I-XII & N. trigeminus)
  • Vessels & ventricular system
  • Functional systems (somatomotor, somatosensory, olfactory, optic, vestibular & acoustic systems)

Printed on size A4, tear-resistant, washable plastic with spiral binding.