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MUW Medical Scales

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The elegant and durable MUW 300L ultrasonic scale calculates height, weight and BMI (body mass index).This scale simplifies data collection and outputs patient and physician identification information without breaching confidentiality. The backlit LCD shows height, weight and BMI on one screen, eliminating the need to scroll through readings.
• Ultrasonic height measuring
from 80cm up to 212cm.
• 300kg x 0.05kg capacity
• Flat pack design
• Lightweight 3 piece pillar assembly
• White backlit display
• Doctor and patient I.D. entry
• RS 232 output as standard
• Internal rechargeable battery
• Switch from kg to lb’s to lb:oz and also
from cm to inches to ft and inches.
• Fitted with Integral wheels for easy transportation.
• Non slip platform
• BMI calculation displayed within 1 second of stability.
• Weight, height and BMI displayed automatically
on the display at the same time.
• Weighing