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Product Description

span lang="en-GB">GFL SHAKING INCUBATOR 303span lang="en-GB">2

Microprocessor controlled


span lang="en-GB">This specialist for gentle mixing or vigorous shaking is used for applications that demand exactly reproducible orbital motions and temperatures up to + 70°C, for example incubations, fermentations, homogenisations, chemical and biochemical reactions, enzyme and tissue studies as well as for cultivating bacteria cultures.


span lang="en-GB">Control:span lang="en-GB"> microprocessor controlled (temperature regulation with PID control). Optimum temperature distribution throughout the cabinet interior by fan circulation. Microprocessor-controlled timer displays continuously the current remaining running time of the incubation time and signals acoustically its expiry. Built-in RS 232 interface for data report and remote control via PC.


span lang="en-GB">Control panel:span lang="en-GB"> clearly arranged with soft-touch keys, set and actual values of timed run, shaking frequency and temperature are shown on three LC displays. Temperature and speed control can be set in steps of 0.1°C and/or 1 rpm.


span lang="en-GB">Safety:span lang="en-GB"> electronic monitoring of the temperature regulator (in case of fault, the cause is reported on the display), limits for over- and under-temperature alarms (visual and audible) adjustable. Additional thermostatic over temperature cut-off. Automatic stop of the heating and the shaking movement when the door is opened.


span lang="en-GB">Drive:span lang="en-GB"> microprocessor controlled, independent of load, and provides a gentle start-up. The unit is driven by an ac motor, protected against overload, which can be set in 1 rpm increments. The robust, durable mechanism is service-friendly and provides for reliable continuous operation.


span lang="en-GB">Housing:span lang="en-GB"> made of electrolytically galvanised sheet steel, powder-coated. Interior cabinet, the inside of the door and the shaking platform made of stainless steel. Fluorescent lamp with on/off switch. A rack frame able to accommodate two shaking trays is part of the standard scope of supply.


span lang="en-GB">Cooling coil:span lang="en-GB"> built in as standard, for applications below ambient temperature, for the connection to tap water or an external recirculating chiller.


The Shaking Incubator is maintenance-free and has the CE mark.


u>Technical data:

span lang="en-GB">Temperature range: span lang="en-GB">+20°C to +70°C, from approx. 8°C above room temperature

span lang="en-GB">Temperature constancy:span lang="en-GB"> +/- 0.2°C, temporal

span lang="en-GB">Timer: span lang="en-GB">1 min. to 999 hours, 59 minutes; display of residual time, acoustic alarm on expiry

span lang="en-GB">Capacityb>: approx. 46 l

b>Interface: RS 232

span lang="en-GB">Shaking motion: span lang="en-GB">orbital, with on/off switch

span lang="en-GB">Load:span lang="en-GB"> max. 12 kg, even load distribution

span lang="en-GB">Shaking frequency: span lang="en-GB">10 – 250 rpm

span lang="en-GB">Shaking amplitude: span lang="en-GB">25 mm

span lang="en-GB">Shaking platform:span lang="en-GB"> W 450 mm, D 300 mm


span lang="en-GB">Interior dimensions: span lang="en-GB">W 450 mm, D 300 mm, H 320 mm

span lang="en-GB">Exterior dimensions: span lang="en-GB">W 710 mm, D 650 mm, H 710 mm

span lang="en-GB">Net / Gross weight: span lang="en-GB"> 70/80 kg

span lang="en-GB">Electrical connection: span lang="en-GB"> 230V*/ 50...60 Hz / 0.8 kW

span lang="en-GB">* other voltages on request


b>ORDER NO.: GFL-3032