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Product Description


with orbital rocking motion


The universally applicable, silent Shaker imparts gentle, uniform orbital rocking motions. The Shaker is primarily used for cultivating cell cultures and in AIDS research.


Control panel: clearly arranged, includes operation and display elements of the Shaker: one turning knob each for operation mode and for direct setting of the shaking frequency, and an operation pilot lamp.


Drive: by an ac motor, protected against overload. The motor is equipped with an electronical shaking frequency control, independent of load, direct setting of the shaking frequency, and has a gentle start-up. The robust, durable mechanism is service-friendly and provides for reliable continuous operation.


Housing: made of highly shock-resistant polystyrene, the bottom plate is made of electrolytically galvanised sheet steel, powder-coated. The shaking platform, made of anodised aluminium, is equipped with four plastic pins for safe fixing of accessories.


The Shaker is maintenance-free, has the GS symbol for proven safety and the CE mark.


Technical data


Shaking motion: orbital rocking, three-dimensional

Shaking platform: W 450 mm, D 450 mm

Load: max. 15 kg, even load distribution

Shaking frequency: 2 – 50 rpm

Shaking amplitude: 3 degrees to horizontal

Timer: up to 60 minutes or continuous operation

Ambient temperature: +10°C to +50°C

Relative humidity: 70% at an ambient temperature of 31°C, decreasing to 50% relative humidity at 50°C, non-condensing

Exterior dimensions: W 510 mm, D (incl. mains plug) 625 mm, H 168 mm

Net / Gross weight: 18/22 kg

Electrical connection: 230V*/ 50…60 Hz / 90 W

span lang="en-GB">* other voltages on request