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The AE402 boasts washdown capabilities and is well-suited for food processing
plants or shipping and receiving areas. The sealed stainless steel housing is IP66- rated, so it can be hosed down or pressure washed after use. A large LCD offers 40mm-high digits that are easily viewed under any lighting conditions, reducing user error. Large coloured LED indicators can be used for checkweighing to show high, low and ok limits.
General Specifications
• Weighing units: g, kg, lb, lb:oz, oz, N
• Interface: RS-232
• Power Supply: 12VDC 50/60Hz 800mA adapter / Internal rechargeable battery
• Display: Backlit LCD with 40mm-high digits
• Calibration: External calibration
• Housing: Stainless steel
• Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°C